Sara Louise® is a brand that is made for cost conscious women who appreciate quality, functionality of clothes and highly treasures happy living.

Bastex ApS was established in 1989 as a supplier of clothing for women aged 25+. Since the establishment Bastex ApS has worked its way up to become a consolidated, reliable AAA-rated company today.

Bastex ApS has always seen itself as a supplier of marketable products with good quality at reasonable prices. At the same time it´s been essential to deliver safely and quickly. Therefore, it was and still is the core of the philosophy of Bastex ApS to serve our cliens exactly when need. Therefore, the clients of Bastex ApS are able to order products today and have them delivered the next day.

Over the years Bastex ApS has been marked as a performance brand rather than a lifestyle brand. Focus on the earnings of Bastex ApS’ clients and easy transferability has always been a must for us. As our clients wish to signal more independence and personal touch, Bastex ApS has introduced a more lifestyle-oriented brand, “Sara Louise”, as a supplement to the rest of the collection.

The emphasis is still based on: easy transferability, good quality to reasonable prices and immediate delivery. “Sara Louise” is a brand, which definitely aims at women, who are price conscious and puts quality, functionality in clothing and joy of living high.

Since “Sara Louise” was introduced in 2001, we have experienced a massive growth in this particular Collection. We try to transfer the current trends and personal touch into this collection without compromising with the philosophy of Bastex ApS.

Today Bastex ApS is represented in Denmark, Sweden, Norway, The Faroe Islands, Iceland, Greenland and Finland. Our salesmen are able to introduce new products for our clients every 6 week, which helps a lot of clients to not make an order before they need the products.

Order today and have the products delivered tomorrow! Call us on + 45 98 37 36 11.